Lyon II

Some cool Roman ruins on the hill, 1,500-2,000 years old.  This is the main theater for regular people.


This is the high-class theater for the better Romans.

A look down on the main theatre, with stage and all.  Lots of little dressing and support rooms, I guess.

Interesting Mali exhibit at the history museum.  These are puppets.

Tree art - wood shaped naturally like people.

Mali beaded murals.

Colorful paintings.

Slave chains from the Mali collection.

Jesus getting circumcised - I saw two paintings of this scene at different museums. 

Jesus dead.

Old train station in Lyon; very nice.  Replaced by new station and now offices and shops.

Painted walls - a traditional Lyon art form- blank walls painted as if they were real buildings.  This is all fake, just a wall.

Monk scribing.  Basically the 10th century printing press !

Nice Mary statue.

Man helping woman, as man always should.

Looking down the Rhone.

St. Jean church, very pretty.  Those are homeless teens on the steps; just them and their dogs.

Metal roller skating man, next to new Opera House.

Unusual stained glass.

Sorry for the blur, but pix were not allowed here - this is of women imprisoned by various forces of the world.

Two women at dinner; they sat and smoked all through the night, as all women appear to do in France. This picture was taken secretly, so they had just put down their cigarettes.